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Lotus Island Tea Farms
Lakewood, Colorado

Brewing 101

Follow these four easy steps to bring out the best flavor of your Japanese green tea. The same tea leaves can be infused up to three times—simply follow the same process, using slightly hotter water and a longer brew time for the 2nd and 3rd infusion.

1) Prep

Step 1

Boil the water and pour it into two tea cups—this warms up the tea cups and cools the water to a proper brewing temperature.

2) Add whole leaf tea

Step 2

Measure one and a half teaspoons of Sencha, and place it in the mesh brew basket in your teapot.

3) Brew

Step 3

Pour the water from the tea cups into the tea pot and wait for one minute as the Sencha brews.

4) Pour and enjoy

Step 4

Alternately between the tea cups, pour the tea, little by little, until each cup is full. This evens out the strength of the tea and allows for a smooth flavor.

Your Sencha is the best green tea I found in US since I came back from Japan.

—Terry B., Chicago IL

I am lucky that I can buy your tea at local health grocery store in Denver :-)

—Sachi T., Denver CO