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Welcome to Lotus Island Tea Farms!

Tea Leaves

Do you know where the green tea you are drinking comes from, and how fresh it is?

At Lotus Island Tea Farms, we represent and bring the freshest certified organic green tea from the Kishien family in Shizuoka, Japan. Kishien is one of the pioneer organic tea farmers in Japan. Their green teas are all made from Ichibancha, the finest, first-harvested leaves.

I am Kazuko, owner and operator of Lotus Island Tea Farms. Growing up in Shizuoka, Japan, I was spoiled by drinking only the best green tea. While drinking fresh green tea has always been an important part of our cultural heritage and integral part of daily life in my home, there has also been a growing interest in green tea outside of Japan. And scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports its many health benefits.

Unfortunately, most green tea on the market outside of Japan is not grown organically, and is often old and oxidized, significantly reducing its health benefits left. These commercial teas are imported in bulk from variety of unspecified farmers, warehoused for long periods, and then repackaged.

At Lotus Island Tea Farms, we guarantee our tea is delicious, fresh, rich in nutrients and, most importantly, safe. We are excited and honored to bring Kishien's teas to you. Enjoy!

Concerns after 2011 Tsunami


At Lotus Island Tea Farms, our passion is to offer the safest and the very best organic green teas to our customers. We are aware of your concerns about the safety of Japanese green tea since the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March of 2011. Since that time, we have been in regular contact with our tea farmers.

All Japanese tea farmers are required to have their food products tested since the disaster. Without having their products certified by the regulatory organizations, farmers are prohibited from exporting their products.

The only way the farmers are able to export their teas to us is when their product is within the acceptable limits of regulatory organizations.

Our teas come from trusted family-owned farms, while many big companies import from multiple sources which may be difficult to track. You know exactly what you are drinking with Lotus Island. If you would like to see the certificates, please click here.